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MOBILE MONDAY – Girls’ Frontline

A week has passed and it’s Mobile Monday once again! If you’ve been following our Twitter feed at all over the past week, you probably have an idea of what we’ll be focusing on today. That’s right, today we’re talking about Girls’ Frontline.

Girls’ Frontline is a Chinese mobile game developed by MicaTeam and published by Sunborn Games. Taking a few cues from games like Kantai Collection or Azur Lane, which turn battleships into anime girls, Girls’ Frontline does the same with guns. Units, referred to as “T-Dolls,” vary in type based on the actual style of gun they’re based on. From pistol to machine gun and just about everything in-between, each T-Doll brings a different level of firepower to the field.


Squad up and hit the battlefield!


What sets it apart?


The game is a strategy RPG of sorts with a heavy emphasis on tactics, encouraging the player to complete each map with wit and efficiency. Teams or “Echelons” are deployed into the field and then moved, board-game style, to different zones. The goal of each map usually centers around claiming an opposing command post, but your enemies, the villainous faction of rogue T-Dolls called “Sangvis Ferri,” will use their own turns to calculate your demise.

Actual battles play out when allied and enemy units encounter each other on the map. Mostly automated, but quite fun to watch, your units march into battle and promptly attempt to mow down the enemy forces. The whole thing reminds me of Advance Wars, which might be another reason I’m having so much fun with this title. 


Level up and double up your units to watch your Echelon expand


It takes an army


While presented as a gacha game, the actual accumulation of units is not like the “roll 10” standard. Units are constructed by designating specific resources in conjunction with a “Contract.” The verdict is out on if there is a certain “magic formula,” but you can view a production log to see what’s working for everyone else. Sure, like any gacha game, you end up with a lot of common-grade units, but I’ve pulled quite a few high-tier characters thus far and resources are plentiful. 



The look of the game is perfectly intentional and its crisp artwork utilizes a nice, desaturated palette, falling right in line with the militaristic vibe. The character designs showcase a sort of “army-navy chic,” making each anime-gun-girl stand out from the last. While I can’t comment on how involved any of these characters are in the story (I’m back on my addiction to the grind), they do stand out in my collection.

As far as the plot goes, I am doing my best to pay attention and it certainly gets the job done, but the real meat is in the gameplay. I dare say it’s “the thinking person’s anime-gun-girl phone game.” But really, it’s deep, rewarding, and has kept me coming back daily for more than just my check-in bonuses. If you’re up for another unique take on the gacha-genre with a tactical twist, Girls’ Frontline comes highly recommended.


Download Girls’ Frontline for free on Android or iOS!

Mobile Minutes

Valkyrie Connect is running a Neon Genesis Evangelion crossover event! Extremely exciting and not something I expected to see, but it’s got me playing again.

Love Live! School Idol Festival is celebrating its 4th anniversary by offering players “Scout 11” tickets up to four times between 5/12 and 5/31.

Danmachi: Memoria Freese is running a Kino’s Journey collaboration with special character draws and rewards until 5/17.

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