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MOBILE MONDAY – Granblue Fantasy

We’ve taken a few weeks off, but better late than never. It’s Mobile Monday! Today we’ll take a look at what might be my all-time favorite gacha title — Granblue Fantasy.

We’ve taken a few weeks off, but better late than never. It’s Mobile Monday! Today we’ll take a look at what might be my all-time favorite gacha title — Granblue Fantasy.

Granblue Fantasy is a mobile game from Japanese developer Cygames. It follows a simple 4-character-party, turn-based RPG formula. What sets it apart, however, are its high-profile collaborators. Art and character designs are provided by Hideo Minaba of Final Fantasy fame and a few musical tracks have been contributed by the one and only Nobuo Uematsu. These names aside, though, the game actually manages to feel really close to an old-school FF title. Sure, it’s streamlined to match the mobile format, but GBF has this charm that is unmatched by other titles. Battles are quick and to the point, but each character has such a cool arsenal of flashy skills and special moves to set them apart. It basically foregoes the text menus of your JRPGs of old, letting you simply

Whether it’s story content, big boss raids, or the daily grind, GBF always gives you something to do. It is one of the deepest mobile gacha games available, sometimes to an almost comical point. There is so much content. Your main character can switch between dozens of classes, unlocking tier after tier as you progress. With each unlock you learn more powerful skills, not to mention aesthetic upgrades. The farther you get, the cooler the classes look, and there’s dedicated male/female artwork for each one. Did I mention the artwork? It’s fantastic. Every character is hand-drawn and unique. I am a total sucker for cool character designs and the art is the first thing that drew me to this title. I cannot say enough good things.

The element is everything

Just three of the hundreds of characters this game has to offer.

As far as building your party with these characters is concerned, there is also a big elemental focus. Weapons and units are categorized by light, darkness, earth, wind, fire, or water. Strategy is key in higher levels of play with powerful weapons and elemental stat buffs/debuffs making or breaking each battle. There are hundreds upon hundreds of characters to obtain and even more weapons, so if you’re a collector you’ll have your hands full. Event-specific items and characters are a big thing, too, and will make sure you never stop grinding to the next point. If you’re a completionist, you’ll probably never get your hands on everything GBF has to offer.

The daily grind

Grinding for weekday loot!

It may not be for everyone, though. That aforementioned grind is a very real component of gameplay, especially as you progress. If you want the best stuff, you will absolutely work for it. I’ve lost hours and hours trying to obtain “Revenant Weapons,” a special weapon found during “Unite and Fight” events and I still have yet to awaken one of the ultra-powerful “Eternal” characters. If you’re a bit more casual, though, don’t let this scare you off. The timed events are a ton of fun and you can quickly accumulate items and crystals (the gacha currency) by simply playing through story events.

You’ll never see it comin’!

Hey, I know you!

Beginning today, Granblue Fantasy is actually holding a Persona 5 collaboration event. Players will be able to obtain Joker as a team member and unlock a few Shin Megami Tensei-connected items. I’ve played a bit of this so far and the tie-in is really well done! It’s just fun to see all of these familiar faces in a new world. If you’re a Persona 5 fan or simply seeking a new gacha title, there’s no better time to start playing than now.

Unfortunately, Granblue Fantasy is not available natively on Western platforms. To obtain it, you’ll need to follow one of many tutorials online to set up an account and download the application. Once you do, however, the game has a full English option that is updated simultaneously with the Japanese version, so you won’t miss a thing. It’s simple enough and trust me, it’s worth it! If you’ve got the hours or a love for the 16-bit era of JRPGs, you will have a ton of fun with Granblue Fantasy.

Learn more at the GBF homepage!

Mobile Minutes

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