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WEEKEND ROUNDUP! – 5/11/2018

Happy Friday! Thanks for tuning in for our first Weekend Roundup. Nothing too crucial here, just a quick weekly column to let you know what we’re paying attention to between work weeks.


I hope to spend the next few days pulling myself away from Girls’ Frontline to spend a few more hours with Kitfox Games’ Moon Hunters. If you haven’t tried it yourself, there’s no better time than now as it just released for the Nintendo Switch. It plays almost like a rogue-like Gauntlet and is properly adorned with unique, hand-drawn artwork. Deep lore, mystery elements, and procedural generation make this one that I’m really stoked to dig deeper in.


On the topic of top-down games, Ruiner is next in my personal queue. It’s been on my wish-list for a while, so I’m glad to finally give it a shot! I’m a total cyberpunk junkie, so I’m always psyched to get my hands on anything in the genre. Footage has presented something fast-paced and stylish, so here’s to hoping the game delivers on everything I’ve seen so far.



For a bit of a throwback, I’ll be booting up Fallout: New Vegas for the very first time (I know, extremely late to the party.) I’ve got a bit of a problem when it comes to getting distracted from long, open-world titles (I admit it, I’ve never beaten a Bethesda game…), so I’ll be chronicling my entire journey through New Vegas here with semi-regular installments. Here’s to hoping I survive!


Not much else to say for this weekend, but you can look forward to more content in the coming weeks based around the titles mentioned above. As always, thanks for reading and happy weekending!

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