There are so many video games. So many! Seriously, so many. In an age of Steam sales and flash sales and indies and AAAs and everything in between, it’s almost impossible to keep up. And if you’re anything like me and have serious issues focusing on one game, you know how difficult this is. I mean, it’s a good problem to have, right? I guess so, but there is simply so much I want to experience that my “currently playing” catalog is 20+ games at any given time. (Don’t judge me!) Let’s not even delve into the backlog.

How about some stream-of-consciousness?

A bit of a rant, but relevant as we enter the weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only 40-hour full-timer out there that tries to spend that tiny sliver of time between work and life responsibilities indulging their favorite hobby. I’ve tried to mitigate this issue in a number of ways, sometimes forcing myself to play nothing but one game for a long stretch of time and, alternatively, just booting up whatever feels right. The second has gotten me more mileage, but as I watch sequels to games I’ve barely dug into get released left and right, I find myself totally overwhelmed.

Games are a huge source of joy for me. They are one of the few things that bridges my childhood and adulthood. And it’s a strong bridge. This thing has been fortified and refortified for years. As the world continues to move forward and things don’t always seem so bright, fantasy worlds have more and more to offer. I could write about this at length (and one of these days, I will), but I believe we need fantasy as adults more than we ever did as children. Escapism, in moderation, is sometimes the key to sanity in the mundanity of Monday through Friday.

Alright, we can’t not mention Steam sale…

A bit bleak, but as I sit here at my desk on a Friday, all I can do is look forward to getting home and playing something. Anything! Steam sale has set my eyes on some long, complex cRPGs (Baldur’s Gate 2 and Pillars of Eternity, for starters), the hack-n-slash loot-fest that is Grim Dawn, and maybe another rogue-like/twin-stick to wash it all down. Who knows? At this rate I’m convinced I’m preparing for a day when I’m stranded on a desert island with nothing but my PC and twelve boxes of Cheez-Its. Actually, that sounds like a pretty solid vacation.

Will I really find time for all this?

So let’s get to the meat of the column, shall we? It’s more like the potatoes this week. (Or perhaps a leafy green? Okay, enough with the food.) As far as what I’m planning to dive into, you can reference the games above. I’m pretty certain I’ll be cracking into one of those. I’ll be continuing my progress in Fallout: New Vegas (slowly, but surely – I’ll be posting about it soon enough). Elder Scrolls Online has been a good bit of fun with friends/collaborators, too! It’s been a blast to see the world of Tamriel with other people and run quick quests casually. The combat is surprisingly fast-paced and intuitive, which is a nice change from your standard MMORPG. I’ve also been going in hard on Fortnite since the Switch release — it’s a ton of fun now that I’ve got more friends to squad up with. (Plus, I can play from the comfort of my couch!)

That’s about all I have for today. Hoping to get back to some significant coverage next week, so we’ll see what’s feeling fresh and impactful.

As always, feel free to join in the discussion via Twitter! Tell us what you’re enjoying and what we need to be paying attention to. We’re always in the market for a new indie title to follow obsessively! Until next time, happy playing.

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