“For the love of the game.”

I love games.  There, I said it.  It took a solid few hours of dedicated deliberation to finally decide on my “angle” for this post, but it turns out it was just as simple as those three words.  Life can be complicated, exhausting, stressful, and everything in between; games are not, at least not in the same way, so here I am, proclaiming my adoration from the rooftops…or a keyboard, through a monitor, posted on the internet for the world to see.


Gaming has been there for many of us since an early age and if you are reading this, I imagine you continue to engage with it as often as possible, through video games, tabletop games, mobile games, card games, the list goes on.  Whether you are using it to fill your time after school or work or simply finding an hour here or there to truly indulge this hobby as best as you can, there is rarely anything else that can satisfy the want — the need to game.


This blog stands as an opportunity to examine the feelings that drive our desire to game and, beyond that, the way we interact with one another within that context.  We take our games seriously and through that, many of us take ourselves quite seriously.  This peppers our experience in various ways and colors our interpersonal relations, which are growing in frequency and closeness as games continue to grow, redefine themselves, and increase our own social networks.  If we (the operative “we” being the collective entities using this blog as a platform) were to put forth a mission statement, it would sound something like “highlighting the highs and lows of all things occurring throughout the gaming community — and making sure to have plenty of fun along the way.”


I love games and that is why I write this.  An introduction of sorts to a place where I hope to convey this love in a number of ways.  Console Generation is a blog that hopes to tackle that special place that games hold in many of our hearts.  Simply or critically, comically or seriously, but always for the love of the game.

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