E3 — The Bad, The Ugly

Nintendo knocked our socks off. Bethesda left us salivating. But what about the rest of E3? What about the bad and the ugly? Today we’ll delve into the parts of the event that left us a little less than satisfied.

Nintendo knocked our socks off. Bethesda left us salivating. But what about the rest of E3? What about the bad and the ugly? Today we’ll delve into the parts of the event that left us a little less than satisfied.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I don’t think I saw anything through the entire gamut of coverage that I’d call actively “bad.” There were things that disappointed me and confused me, maybe, but nothing was awful. With that being said, though, these are the developers we expected a bit more from.

Too short, not too sweet

I hate to say it, but the first I’ll mention is Square-Enix. Despite their unfortunate track record at this point, I still want to believe. For every time they delay a game for an absurd amount of time or leave us in the dark on a title, they’re still responsible for some of my absolute favorite games of all-time. I think they still have it in them. Really, I do! This E3 just didn’t make a huge argument for their ability to stun their fan-base.

Nothing was really bad about their conference. Sure, it was short (really short, way too short), but what we saw was promising. The problem was that it was almost all stuff we’ve seen before. We got two new game announcements, Babylon’s Fall and The Quiet Man, but both felt vague and there’s no telling when we’ll see more. I know, I just praised Bethesda for this method, but there’s a big difference between announcing a random game with little to no information and announcing a sequel to one of the most beloved franchises of all-time. Plus, it all felt so mixed into the entire “press-play” style presentation that even if I wanted to care more, I didn’t feel inspired to.

The usual suspects all still look fantastic. I’m anxiously awaiting Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, and of course, Kingdom Hearts 3. (Though with how many times I saw it this E3, I don’t want it to wear out its welcome.) Again, though, these are titles we’ll have in our hands within a few months. Sorry, Squeenix, I love you. I really do. I just want something more. And is that really such a bad thing? I want my faith in you to be justified! Don’t prove me wrong!

This is where it gets ugly

On the ugly side of things, I hate to say it…Sony, we’re looking at you. This is an issue that extends past their conference, though. We saw stellar footage (in large quantities) of upcoming titles that left me glued to the screen. I still don’t know much about Death Stranding other than the fact that I want it. Resident Evil 2 had me shrieking at the television. It’s Sony’s actions after the fact that have me feeling a bit conflicted.

I am a pretty dedicated Sony fan. Most of my favorite games are on Sony consoles. They do not, however, seem to understand how to play with others. That, or, they just don’t care. I’m not really sure which is worse! Upon Fortnite’s Switch release, players worldwide were stunned to find that they had to create a brand new account for the Switch version if they had EVER logged into the game on PS4. This goes above and beyond Sony’s refusal to enable cross-play, something that Nintendo and Microsoft have been pretty gung-ho about. This is reflective of a shocking level of corporate arrogance and their response, or lack thereof, is enough to make me question my desire to choose PlayStation first any more.

C’mon, Sony

And that’s where it all ties back in to the E3 conference. To showcase so many exceptional titles and follow it with this kind of tomfoolery is unfortunate at best and childish at worst. I don’t want it to be indicative of a larger problem and I do sincerely hope they change their tune, but my faith is dwindling. This is your chance, Sony! Do what is right by your player-base, speak up, and join us all in the future. Crossplay is a big deal and the sooner you support it, the better we’ll all be.

Where in the world is FFVII Remake?

Semi-political frustrations aside, I think you all know the other reason I’m coming down on these companies. That’s right — no Final Fantasy. No sign of it anywhere! No teaser, no trailer, no word whatsoever. I felt extremely confident that if it didn’t make an appearance during Square-Enix’s showcase, we’d no doubt see it in Sony’s. I was certain we’d see Cloud pop up on the screen to close the evening and yet we saw nothing at all. In more recent days, Nomura has assured the world that he is hard at work in the development process for FFVIIR. In his words, it’s “100% to KH3, 100% to FFVIIR.”

I want to believe, but seeing is believing at this point. I’m hoping for big things to show up at Tokyo Game Show, as it’s the next huge event and one that may be even more likely to foster a big reveal like a new FFVIIR trailer or FFXVI. You can be sure we’ll be on top of that coverage until it finally shows up.

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