E3 — The Bad, The Ugly

Nintendo knocked our socks off. Bethesda left us salivating. But what about the rest of E3? What about the bad and the ugly? Today we’ll delve into the parts of the event that left us a little less than satisfied.

Column Weekend Roundup

WEEKEND ROUNDUP! – 5/18/2018

It’s been a long week, so I’m certainly glad to see Saturday on the horizon. Here’s another quick Weekend Roundup!


Rites to Royale

Battle royale is everything right now. Really, it’s almost out of control! The concept is simple — you (and hopefully a few friends) drop into an environment, stock up, and survive. Once you’re eliminated, you just re-queue and try again. Most games are quick, at least for beginners, but the satisfaction of ranking in the top players only feeds the desire for more.