Staring Down the Octopath

We’re now only weeks away from Square-Enix’s greatly anticipated Octopath Traveler! Announced near the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been paying close attention to this title. Its aesthetic hearkens back to joyous hours spent with my SNES or PSX! It wears its inspiration on its sleeves and promises a modern twist on a golden age. For those of you that have been keeping up with the blog, it should be no shock that I’m stoked for this one.


E3 — The Good

While lucky attendees and press reps are still enjoying the many spoils of E3 through the week, the big conferences are over and done. If you read our speculative articles last week, you know that we didn’t exactly hit the mark, but I suppose one out of three ain’t bad. Some developers did a little better for gamers these past few days than others, so let’s get right to it.

Editorial Nostalgia Bytes

NOSTALGIA BYTES — Old Faces in New Places

Nostalgia is a word that permeates the world of modern gaming. Despite our personal definition of “retro,” it seems we all want to find something that fills a certain void. We crave an experience that recaptures a feeling we had with a game from generations past. I believe we find a “certain something” in older titles that likely has more to do with our lives at the time we first experienced it than the game itself.