The Sky’s the Limit for No Man’s Sky

The tale of No Man’s Sky is, well, a tragic one. Unveiled in 2013 to widespread acclaim based solely on the trailer, it quickly escalated to the top of the PS4’s “most anticipated” list. It appeared to be a game that took elements from the survival genre and expanded them into an enormous, vibrant universe where anything was possible. Exploration looked pure and exciting, boasting hundreds, if not thousands, of intriguing creatures and anomalies at every turn. Unfortunately, come release day 2016, gamers quickly found that its limitless potential was, in fact, quite limited.


REVIEW – Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters is a Gauntlet-style esoteric mystery game. That’s a lot of words. Okay, Moon Hunters is a rogue-lite twin-stick time-crunch adventure. No, no, too many hyphens. Moon Hunters is a peaceful action RPG by Kitfox Games. There, that sounds about right.


Rites to Royale

Battle royale is everything right now. Really, it’s almost out of control! The concept is simple — you (and hopefully a few friends) drop into an environment, stock up, and survive. Once you’re eliminated, you just re-queue and try again. Most games are quick, at least for beginners, but the satisfaction of ranking in the top players only feeds the desire for more.