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MOBILE MONDAY – Star Ocean: Anamnesis

When I was a kid, I saved my allowance to get my hands on a pre-owned copy of Star Ocean: The Second Story. I had no clue why it was the “second story,” as I had never seen its predecessor anywhere, but I knew I had to have it. The PSX dream combo of sprites and 3D backgrounds brought to life a unique space-opera-at-the-corner-of-high-fantasy setting that fascinated my young mind. Swirl together the charming anime artwork with a battle system that felt somewhere between Tales and Grandia and I knew I had to have it.


Staring Down the Octopath

We’re now only weeks away from Square-Enix’s greatly anticipated Octopath Traveler! Announced near the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I’ve been paying close attention to this title. Its aesthetic hearkens back to joyous hours spent with my SNES or PSX! It wears its inspiration on its sleeves and promises a modern twist on a golden age. For those of you that have been keeping up with the blog, it should be no shock that I’m stoked for this one.


E3 — The Bad, The Ugly

Nintendo knocked our socks off. Bethesda left us salivating. But what about the rest of E3? What about the bad and the ugly? Today we’ll delve into the parts of the event that left us a little less than satisfied.

Rumor Mill

E3 Speculation — Final Fantasy

Well, now that we can officially write off any Kingdom Hearts 3 speculation, we’ll jump right to the biggest rumor mill churner. Final Fantasy!